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Jivana Organ Donation society was founded by Jazz Gill along with others who shared the same vison as him. Motivated by gratitude for receiving a second life through organ donation, he started raising awareness about the importance of organ donation shortly after his transplant. While working with BC Transplant and various other organizations, he realized that he needed to focus more on the South Asian Community which had a significant lack of awareness about the Organ Donation registry. A lot of effort was needed to bring awareness. After a decade of his dedication to bring light to this cause he established this organization in 2015.

Our Mission

Jivana Organ Donation Society's mission is to raise awareness in the South Asian community about the importance of registering as a organ donor. To educate people on the transplant procedure, eliminate cultural beliefs and myths in the South Asian community which also prevents many from putting their names on the organ donation registry and encourage donors to come forward.

Jivana can also help you make a decision when registering as an organ donor. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have in Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu.


The purpose of the Jivana is to raise awareness within the community and help individuals understand the significance of organ donation and guiding them on how and where they can register their decision.


Having experienced the organ transplant process firsthand, we are dedicated to providing resources and support for individuals navigating pre-transplant preparation and post-transplant recovery.

We aim to address any questions or concerns you may have, thereby facilitating an informed decision-making process.



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If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us. Jivana team is here to provide information, guidance, and assistance.